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Tierra Maya Experience

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Tierra Maya Experience is a whole-body mask of applied mineralised clay, followed by an oil massage and a honey facial using locally sourced organic ingredients.  After massaging clay onto the body, the treatment is completed by washing away the clay and minerals, creating a magical connection with this natural element. […]

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Full Body Energy Healing Massage. Chakras Balance.

Ayurveda relax reiki massage

Full Body Energy Healing Massage. Chakras Balance is a journey through the chakras include: REIKI awakens the heart chakra tuning us into the frequency of love. By harmonizing the Heart Chakra, we become more compassionate and quickly allow forgiveness and acceptance to ourselves and others. Reiki also awakens our Crown Chakra to connect us to divine […]

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Crystal Chakra Alignment & Aromatherapy

Crystal Chakra Alignment & Aromatherapy

Crystal Chakra Alignment & Aromatherapy, every main chakra will receive the healing powers of activated crystals and the purest essential oils applied in resonation with these specific energy centres of the human body. Recalibrate all your body systems by applying activated and charged crystals and high vibrational aroma essences placed on each chakra along the […]

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Shiatsu Therapy


Shiatsu therapy originated in Japan. It is based on traditional Chinese medicine with elements of Western treatments. Similarly to acupuncture, Shiatsu activates specific acupressure points – known as meridians -according to the needs of the client. It relies on the use the fingers, thumbs and palm to apply pressure to various areas of the body’s surface […]

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Ancient Mayan Clay Healing Ritual for Groups

mayan clay in tulum

The ancient Mayan clay is a healing ritual. The clay, made with the elements of the earth, helps you to be grounded and back to your centre. With a soft massage, you wrap your whole body with the clay and let it dry under the sun whit the sound of the ancestral music, connecting all […]

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Relaxing Massage

healing massage

Relaxing Massage combines different techniques.  It is a smooth, gentle, flowing style massage that promotes general relaxation. It was created to calm and slow the mind, stimulating circulation throughout the body, relieving muscular tension and improving range of movement. With this massage, your therapist will aim to relax, revive and rejuvenate you.  […]

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Reading - ONLINE

Karma, Dharma reading - Hindu Astrology. Palm Reading.

Became aware of your purpose. Reconnect with your deeper being. Master your own destiny.
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Mayan Ritual

Mayan Wedding

Celebrate your energetic union with our Mayan Priestess
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Reiki Course

Reiki Course with Chandree

Usui Shiki Ryoho - Mikao Usui - Chijiro Hayashi - Hawayo Takata - Phyllis Furumoto lineage. All day, food included. English & Spanish. 180 USD
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Ancestral Mayan Ceremony


A high impact ceremonial act that provides you with integral healing, connecting with your higher-self
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I found Healing Tulum when I needed it most in my life. This platform is forward thinking, the healers are exceptional and my therapies have been truly life changing. It’s difficult to capture in words, only through experience you can understand the magic that happens here.

Christine H.

I found Healing Tulum after traveling the world for 10 months, touching 4 continents and trying healers in each of them with varying levels of effectiveness. I had my first session with a Healing Tulum recommended healer, who I can say to this day 6 weeks later has changed my life. He is truly gifted. Then gave another healer from the site a try, who again changed my life. I have found it a rare gift to have access to this quality of work combined in to such a simple and easy to use website.

Nicole Daedone
I found Healing Tulum and I felt attracted by the therapies. I was doing one treatment in one of the wellness spas and it was just spectacular. I recommend the personal service and the quality of the therapies.
Sara R.

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